You don’t need necessarily be an all-day author to be able to do this. It is extremely prosperous and its economy is based largely on tourism, finance and services as well as industry. A lot of teachers and researchers work as freelancers in their field, or have an enthusiasm for writing. San Marino has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe and has no debt to the national government and a surplus in the budget. The skills you learn will be in conducting research, communicating facts and engagingly sharing the history of your area when you write research papers or historical essays to earn your degree. Did You Have Any Idea?

An effective way to utilize your historical knowledge and writing abilities is to write and editing. San Marino is not only the longest-running sovereign state that is uninterrupted It also has the oldest constitution in the world that dates back to October 8th 1616. Due to this, you could be an author of non-fiction who is standardized in certain historical moments, locations and other figures, or a novelist using the past as a source of inspiration for fiction writing. But not all the laws of San Marino are codified, therefore it is not the same as U.S.

It is possible to write speeches for politicians and pursue content writing for magazines and digital publications. Constitution is often thought to be the oldest. If you’re good at writing stories and are able to improve the content that other people have written in this area, then pursuing editing jobs could be a good possibility for you.

9. 10. Iran was founded c.550 BCE. Tour Guide. Year of Founded: c.550 BCE Founder(s): Cyrus II Capital City: Tehran Current Population: 81.1672,300 (2018 estimate) Guide. Photo source: Wikimedia Commons.

Think about becoming an experienced tour guide if want to find an entry-level job that requires the degree of a historian. Ancient Iran that was called Persia within the Western world from 1935, was established in the year the year 550 BCE during the Achaemenid Empire. Tour guides are usually employed in museums, heritage sites, as well as tourist centers and can combine your passion for historical knowledge with an interest in having entertaining.

Before the advent of the Persian Empire, a variety of populations lived in the region which would later be Iran including the Elamites which were a pre-Iranian culture who settled in the west as well as the Southwest region of present-day Iran as well as the Medes who ruled over the majority of the majority the region of Iran up until when the Persians came into the country. Museums and galleries that are privately owned employ majority of essays tour guides. Cyrus II (commonly known as Cyrus the Great) established the Persian Empire around 550 BCE following his victory over Cyrus II (commonly referred to as the Great) after he conquere Median, Lydian, and Babylonian empires, and gained the control of Iran. Other guides are employed by the government when they are employed by the National Park Service. The Achaemenid Empire was the ruler of Iran up to Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire in the year 330 BCE. A few of the majors in history find themselves drawn to battlefields, monuments and native lands, in order to serve as park rangers and offer tours of the area and to share the story of the region with visitors of the museums. The modern-day Iran was established in 1979 following the Iranian Revolution ended the monarchy and an Islamic Republic was established.

Conclusion. Did You Have Any Idea? A degree in history isn’t designed for everyone but is very important. Iran has a rich and varied history and has currently the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, the third largest in Asia and the 11th most around the globe. You can pursue a history and invest your money in opportunities in a wide range of sectors.

8. It’s a good idea to invest for the future if are interested in this topic. Japan. Commonly Answered Question(s) Year of Founded in 666 BCE Founder(s) of the Empire: The Emperor Jimmu (legendary) The Capital City: Tokyo Current Population: 126.440,000 (2018 census) What should I do with a historical degree? Photo source: Wikimedia Commons. High school teacher of history. Japan frequently cites the year 660 BCE as the year of its founding, because that was the year the year that the first Emperor of Japan was Emperor Jimmu was elevated to the throne and established Japan’s imperial dynasty. Community college lecturer in history.

Emperor Jimmu is regarded as to be a mythic emperor from Japan as well as believed to be the descendant of the goddess sun Amaterasu. Professor of history at the university or college. He is mentioned as the first Japanese Emperor in two chronicles from the early years, Kojiki , and Nihon Shoki . The government historian. The first emperors of Japan who followed the Emperor Jimmu are believed to be mythological as there is no evidence to prove that they existed. Consultant in historical research.

Although historians aren’t sure whether the emperors of the early times actually existed, they know that people first arrived in Japan from the Asian mainland in the year 13000 BCE and that the first recorded history of Japan was recorded in the Kofun period (c.250 AD – 538 AD). Political advisor. While the story of Emperor Jimmu is probably a myth, Japan celebrates its National Foundation Day on the 11th of February day to pay tribute to the ascension of Emperor Jimmu in the year 660 BCE. Museum curator. Did You Have Any Idea? Archivist.

One thing Japan is famous for is the long-term health of its citizens. What can I do for me if I love the past? The country has the longest life expectancy of any country in the world, and a lot of people live to be over 100 years old.

Marketing manager. … 7. Genealogist. … Greece was founded c.800 BCE. Museum technician. …

Year of Founded: c.800 BCE Founder(s): Unspecified Capital City: Athens Current Population 1076,477 (2017 estimate) Live historian. … Photo source: Wikimedia Commons. Underwater archaeologist. … The Archaic period in Greece is among the most well-known period of time because it laid the groundwork for the Greek’s Classical period that is renowned for the foundations laid by the modern western civilization.

Dramaturge. … The period of Greece’s history began around 800 BCE following the time when Greece was able to emerge out of its Dark Ages. Geographer.

In the Archaic period during the Archaic period, the Greeks have made progress in poetry, art as well as technology, however one of the main things that was created during this period was the city-state, also known as the polis. Do you think a college degree in the field of history is worth the investment? The polis would continue to define Greek life in the political arena for many centuries. While a history degree focuses on understanding of history, it teaches the skills needed for today’s workplace . In this period it was when it was during this time that the Greek alphabet was created and also the first democratic institutions. In reality, it’s one of the more flexible degrees, allowing you to pursue careers in various fields.

Ancient Greece is then followed by Roman Greece, Byzantine Greece, and Ottoman Greece and contemporary Greece period beginning in 1821 following the Greek Revolution. Did You Have Any Idea? A Historical Background of the Big Bang Theory. Athens is the capital city of Greece is the most important city in the country since the 1st millennium BCE. How did the universe get its start? In most public universities and schools the most widely promoted concept about universality is that of the big explosion. 6. The theory is that the universe started billions of years ago , as tiny particles that was born from nothing and then started expanding.

Ethiopia was founded c.980 BCE. The energy then transformed into matter, which eventually evolved into galaxies, stars and planets. Year of Foundership: c.980 BCE Founder(s) Unknown Capital City: Addis Ababa Current Population is 102,403,196 (2016 estimate) Do you think the big bang is an accurate theory on how the universe was created? Is it compatible with Scripture?

Is it based on sound science? Photo source: Wikimedia Commons. How do we define the Big Bang? Humans have lived in Ethiopia for many millions of years.

The idea was conceived through Georges Lemaitre in 1931, the theory of the big bang originated in 1931 by Georges Lemaitre. theory about the very beginning of the universe. The bones from Australopithecus afarensis which is an apelike animal which could be the human ancestor discovered in the region are believed to be between 3.4 million to 2.9 millions of years old. In the 1920s, Edwin Hubble and others found that there was a connection between the observed redshift and the distance of galaxies.

When life prospered in Ethiopia, complex societies started to emerge as well. Redshift is a phenomena where the light from an object is moved in frequency to greater wavelengths in comparison to its laboratory frequency.

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